Wyoming Mental Health Professions Licensing Board

Effective July 1, 2021 all applicants will need to include fingerprints as part of their application in accordance with W.S. 33-38-105(j) and 7-19-201(a)(xxx).

Which application do you need? 

Application processing time is approximately 2-3 weeks, after the Board receives all materials to complete your application.  This does not include the time for the background check report to be returned to the office which is currently an additional 4-5 weeks.

Please be sure your application reflects your legal name and that all supporting documents that are submitted on your behalf also reflect your legal name. 

If your supporting documents start showing up before we receive your application, don't worry! We have a process in place to hold those until your application is received.

Please note, the Board cannot accept any application that is emailed or faxed to the office.

Wyoming Statute 33-1-117 Military Service Member and Spouse Definitions 

National Practitioner Data Bank Query

The Board queries the National Practitioner Data Bank when applicants and licensees submit new and renewal applications in order to determine whether any other state has reported an adverse action against a licensed mental health professionals or any healthcare related field. By submitting this application and by remaining licensed with the Board, you agree that the Board may submit these queries and take appropriate disciplinary action based on information these queries reveal.

Counseling Compact

The Counseling Compact allows eligible licensed counselors an alternative method for providing services in other compact member states. If you are interested in learning more about the Counseling Compact, including any rules that are open for public comment, please use the following link: https://counselingcompact.org/compact-commission/