Wyoming Mental Health Professions Licensing Board

Supervisee responsibilities as a certified or provisionally licensed professional:

  • Verify your Supervision Agreement is filled out, submitted and approved by the Board prior to beginning clinical work
  • Verify records of your hours and experience are being recorded.
  • When changing supervisors verify your NEW supervision agreement is filled out, submitted and approved by the Board prior to continuing clinical work. (Confirmation of your supervision agreement will come via email from the Board. It is your responsibility to verify your agreement has been approved. Please give the Board office 7-14 days for processing.)
  • When changing supervisors, verify your past supervisor submits your Verification and Evaluation of Supervised Experience (VESE). (It is better to have this done immediately after leaving a supervisor rather than waiting until you are ready to apply for your full license.)
  • Follow all other requirements on the supervision agreement and rules.

Supervisors, when filling out the VESE to report the supervisees hours to the board, please check that your calculations are correct. Enter the information in the "Supervised Experience Calculator".

The Wyoming Mental Health Professions Licensing Board is staffed through the Professional Licensing Boards Office, a division of A&I.

Please note: the supervision agreement has been changed so there is only one form for both Certificate Holders and Provisional Licensees.