Questions and Answers
Below are questions and answers to those questions that are frequently asked of the Board/Board office:

Q: What do I need to do or complete to apply for licensure? 
A: It's best to begin with the application packets which can be reached at this link. Click here. Once you've reviewed the packet if you still have questions please give the office a call or email. 

Q: How do I verify my Wyoming license with another state? 
A: The Board has a form to fill out and there is a fee to accompany the form. The fee is $30.00 payable by Money Order or Cashier's Check ONLY! You can find those at this link. Click here

Q: How do I change my address?
A: To change your address, please just email the Board and give us your new address.

Q: How do I change my name?
A: Please fill out the form at this link, click here. Please send in the documentation requested on the form and the fee if you need new cards/wall certificate. 

Q: Can I list the total hours for CE from a conference or do I have to list the classes individually?
A: Please list the classes individually.  Not all classes at a conference will fall under the scope of practice requirement for CE or be presented by someone with a graduate level degree.

Q: Before I apply, can you tell me if I meet the requirements for a certificate or license?
A: Our Board won't pre-review or pre-approve any transcripts or applications.  In order to have a member of the Application Review Committee (ARC) review your file for licensure eligibility, you must submit all required documents for application.  Once your file is complete, then the ARC will review it.  So unfortunately, there isn't a way to determine your status beforehand.  You can view the requirements in the Rules and Regulations and in the appropriate application packets, both of which are available on our website at

Q: How long does it take for my application to be approved?
A: Once your file is complete, it will go before the Application Review Committee.  We don’t wait for the Application Review Committee to meet, but we email your documents over to them.  Review is generally 2-3 weeks, but in a busy time like this, it may be a bit longer.  There is no strict review time frame.

Q:Do I have to send something to show I can legally work in Wyoming?
A: We require proof of lawful presence from you.  You need to send us a copy of your social security card, copy of your passport, or copy of your legal birth certificate.  We only need a copy of one of these documents.  You can mail it in, email it, or fax it to us at 307-777-3508.

Q:What is licensure by reciprocity?
A: To apply by reciprocity, you need to ensure that your state’s current requirements are substantially similar to Wyoming’s current requirements.  Reciprocity means we compare requirements state to state.  We do not look at your personal criteria and background when you apply by reciprocity.  

The Wyoming Mental Health Professions Licensing Board does not pre-approve or pre-review, so we cannot offer a guarantee as to whether or not your state qualifies for reciprocity.  Please carefully review each state’s requirements before submitting your application.  You can find the requirements as well as the application materials on our website at  

Q: I have all of my hours and passed my exam as required during my provisional license, what do I do now?
A: You should submit an application for licensure by completing provisional.  You can find the application materials on our website at   Once all required documentation is received, your file will be presented to the Application Review Committee (ARC).  Review is generally 2-3 weeks, but there is no strict time frame.  Upon approval from the Application Review Committee, we can issue your independent license number.

Q: Where do I find the form for my supervisor to fill out?
A: You can find the Verification and Evaluation of Supervised Experience form under the Forms tab on the left hand side of the home page.  You fill out the top of the first page and have your supervisor complete the rest.  This form must be returned to the Board by the supervisor.

Q:Can I take the required exam more than three times?
A: You can request an exemption to be able to take the examination for a fourth time.  Please include a detailed remediation plan with your request to the Board. There is not a special form for these requests.

Q: I need more time to complete the hours under my provisional license, what do I do?
A: An extension for hours can only be granted if you have passed your exam.  You need to submit a formal request for an extension of your provisional license.  There is not a special form for these requests. Please explain as best as you can the circumstances which prompt the need for the extension, what you have left to complete, and how you plan to complete it and the time frame necessary.  Once that is received , it will be forwarded to the Application Review Committee for their response.  You will be notified once a decision has been made.

Q: Will the Board accept this course for CE?
A: The Board does not pre-review or pre-approve any continuing education.  Please reference Chapter 14 in the Rules for the renewal requirements.  The Board will be looking to ensure that all coursework meets the criteria in Chapter 14 and that the course is relative to your scope of practice as defined in the Rules and Regulations.  Keep in mind that what may be relative to your employment may not be relative to your scope of practice.  You can view the Rules from the Rules and Statutes tab above

Q: I sent in my renewal, but I haven’t heard if it was approved.  Can I still practice?
A: Once the Mental Health Professions Licensing Board has received your application for renewal, your renewal status is pending.  The Rules & Regulations state that a timely and sufficient application for renewal shall not become expired.  Since the Board has received your renewal application before your expiration date, you have not expired, and your current status is "pending renewal".  You are permitted to practice clinically during this time.

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