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Board's Mission 

The Board is legislatively mandated to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Wyoming by ensuring that those individuals licensed or certified to provide these mental health services in this state are appropriately qualified.


Public notice is hereby given that the Wyoming State Mental Health Professions Licensing Board intends to act on the following proposed rules. The Board is proposing to amend rules for chapters 3 (certified addictions practitioner), 11 (licensed professional counselor) and 14 (renewal). These rules are proposed to implement the Board’s authority to protect the public by regulating the qualifications and establishing standards of performance of persons licensed as mental health professionals. These rules provide for enforcement and proper administration of the provisions of the Mental Health Professions Practice Act. These specific proposed amendments correct issues found with the last rule revision that occurred in 2015. 

Chapter 3 is being amended to fix a typographical error by adding the words “semester hours.” Chapter 11 is being amended to clarify the requirements of “indirect hours.” Chapter 14 is being amended to clarify that licensees and certificate holders shall complete at least 3 contact hours of continuing education activities in professional ethics during the renewal period. These proposed rules are available for review on the Board's web page at The rules meet minimum substantive state statutory requirements. For a copy of the Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules please contact the Board at the address below. 

Written comments should be submitted to the following address no later than November 24, 2015: 

Wyoming State Mental Health Professions Licensing Board 
2001 Capitol Ave RM 104 
Cheyenne, WY 82002 
Or by email at

A public hearing will be held by the Wyoming State Mental Health Professions Licensing Board if requested by twenty-five (25) persons, by a governmental subdivision, or by an association having not less than twenty-five (25) members.  Requests for a hearing should be directed to the agency at the above address by the date specified above.  Notice of the hearing will be provided to all persons making a timely request therefore.

Commenters may request a statement of principal reasons for overruling the consideration urged by the commenter.  If requested, the statement will be issued either prior to or within thirty (30) days after agency action.

Dated this 5th day of October, 2015
Michelle Lamorie 
Executive Director

Proposed Rules October 2015

Who Must Be Licensed or Certified 

Wyoming is a Practice Act and Title Protection state. This means that persons must be licensed or certified by the Board in order to provide the services defined herein. It also means that only persons licensed or certified by the Board may identify themselves with the titles restricted. Of course, as with most laws, there are exemptions. Exempted individuals who may practice the professions regulated without holding a license issued by the Board are:
  • Qualified members of other legally recognized professions who are otherwise licensed or certified by this state provided they do not represent themselves as licensed to practice these mental health professions. (Such as physicians, psychologists, advanced nurse practitioners with a psychiatric specialty, school counselors and school social workers.)
  • Students providing supervised services as part of a practicum or internship during their degree programs in an accredited institution of higher education.
  • Nonresidents who are licensed or certified by another state regulatory board, who do not provide services in this state for more than thirty (30) days during any calendar year.
  • A rabbi, priest, minister, clergy or any person acting as a lay religious counselor of any religious denomination or sect provided that the services are within the scope of regular or specialized ministerial duties, the counseling is clearly identified as being based on religious principles and there is no fee for services.
  • Persons offering unpaid volunteer services for organizations or charities provided that these persons are approved by the organizations or agencies for whom the services are rendered.

(Specific definitions of exemptions are detailed in W.S. 33-38-103.) 

The Wyoming Board of Mental Health Professions Licensing is one of 17 Boards under the Professional Licensing Boards (PLB) Office, a division of the Department of Administration and Information.  The Wyoming Mental Health Professions Licensing Board is staffed through the Professional Licensing Boards Office, a division of A&I.