Wyoming Mental Health Professions Licensing Board

Fingerprint Requirements for Renewal

Effective July 1, 2021 all applicants will need to include fingerprints as part of their renewal application every four years in accordance with W.S. 33-38-105(j) and 7-19-201(a)(xxx).

Fingerprint Instructions for applications - You must complete and submit TWO (2) FD-258 fingerprint cards and submit them along with your renewal application and fee.  Fingerprint cards are not processed without a complete application.

Background check processing time is 3-5 weeks and you will not receive new pocket cards until your background check information is returned to the Board Office.  The Board cannot expedite this process, so you will need to submit your renewal form early to have the pocketcards prior to your expiration.

New fees as of July 1, 2021:

Certified Renewal (NPDB and background check) $143

Certified Renewal (NPDB but no background check)     $104

License Renewal  (NPDB with background check) $168

License Renewal (NPDB but no background check)     $129

Additional License Renewal                         $75 

Retired Renewal (New wall certificate, NPDB and background check) $68 

Background checks are only required every four (4) years.  If you are not sure if you need to do undergo a background check as part of your renewal, please contact the office.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education is required for renewal. Specific information can be found in Chapter 14 of the Rules and Regulations. For clarification continuing education such as BLS, Drugs in the Workplace or HIPPA are considered business related and will not count towards the 45 required CEU's. As the Rules & Regulations state, they must "have significant intellectual or practical content, and the primary objective shall be to increase the participant's competence within each licensed or certified discipline.

Renewal Forms

Completed forms including your original signature and payment must be sent to the Board Office.  The Board cannot accept email or faxed copies.  The Board does not have the ability to accept credit card payment at this time.

Applicants must either print and fill out the form or from the opened file click download and choose the type of file to download it for completion.  

CAP, CAPA, and LAT Renewal Form


Additional Page for CE

Retired Status Application - please contact the office at WyoMHPLB@wyo.gov for this form.

Renewal Instructions

Licenses and certificates expire on the holder's date of birth every two (2) years. Notices for renewal are mailed to each person at their last address of record approximately sixty (60) days prior to the expiration date. Failure to receive a notice from the Board does not excuse you from the requirement for timely and proper renewal. Paper renewal applications must be POST MARKED on or prior to the expiration date (or on the next business day in cases when the expiration date falls on a weekend or holiday) in order for a license or certificate to remain current. Any paper renewal application postmarked after the appropriate date will be returned and the license or certificate will become null and void. 

As long as a person has made timely and sufficient application for the renewal of their license or certificate they are permitted to continue to provide the services allowed under that license or certificate while the decision on the renewal application is pending. If you need your new card prior to your expiration, please be sure to give extra time for the application to be processed in the office. 

When the renewal application is approved, the license or certificate is renewed for two (2) calendar years, again expiring on the date of birth. The holder will receive a confirmation letter and two (2) new pocket ID cards via email.

Wyoming Statute 33-1-117 Military Spouses Definition 

Failure to Renew / Relicensure

The Board's governing statutes do not provide for a late renewal. If you do not renew your license or certificate by to the expiration date, you are no longer legally eligible to provide mental health services in the State of Wyoming and you must cease and desist those activities. Those who did not submit a timely renewal can seek Wyoming licensure again by completing a relicensure application. 

Recertification - intended for those that previously held a Wyoming CAPA, CAP, CSW, or CMHW and did not timely renew.

Relicensure - intended for those that previously held a Wyoming LAT, LCSW, LMFT, or LPC and did not timely renew.


National Practitioner Data Bank Query

The Board queries the National Practitioner Data Bank when applicants and licensees submit new and renewal applications in order to determine whether any other state has reported an adverse action against a licensed mental health professionals or any healthcare related field. By submitting this application and by remaining licensed with the Board, you agree that the Board may submit these queries and take appropriate disciplinary action based on information these queries reveal.